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Guangzhou Chang Feng Shoes Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap Height shoes Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
Company Introduction to Changfeng Shoes Manufacture
Our Mission
In other view, we are manufacturing shoes,but in fact,we are in a process of refining people by offering shoes services to help people to be more confident in soul,to be taller and massive in shape, much powerful in action.With this mission, under years of seeking, we finally make it by providing customers with our height increasing shoes, keeping high quality, offering better services to all our customers from home & aboard, as a result, those peoples living standard, social class and spiritual manner are being improving accordingly.
Brief Introduction
Guangzhou Changfeng Shoes Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional factory in height increasing shoes. whats more, it is a factory which running business only in height increasing shoes, it combines research, development, production, marketing, brand strategy and OEM project with a history of 15 years.
Mr. He Jinchang (also called He Jindao), the founder of Changfeng... [Details]
Company: Guangzhou Chang Feng Shoes Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Address: No.A3-1,Yuanxia Road,Yuanxia Industrial District,Taihe Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou China
Postcode: 510445
Telephone: 0086-20-66601688-859
Fax: 0086-20-66601689
Contact P: Ross Wu (Sir.)
Mobile: 0086 13560249980